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Smartnet had been established with a main aim in covering the gap in specialized and professional support services in Networking, Communication, and Security Solutions. Read More ...

Our  Customers References
Our engineers worked, installed systems, participated and supported the
following  sites:
 Governmental Sector:
  • -Ministry Of Oil. (LAN Cabling & Security Solution with BlueCoat System installation)
  • -AFMIS Project. (Ministry Of Finance). Molex Cabling Solution.
  • - National Information Center. (LAN/WAN Security Solution)
  • -Geological Survey and Mineral Resources Authroity. (LAN  Cabling & Security Solution).
  • -Social Development Fund. (LAN Security Solution).
  • -Women Capabilities Support Project.
  • -Rural Access Project.
  • -Custom Authority. (Wireless Solution in Hodeidah)
  • -National Water Resources Authority (AVL Solution)
  • -Safer Exploration & Production Oil Company (LAN Cabling and Security Solution).
  • -General Authority for Survey, Land and Urban Planning. (LAN Cabling with DataCentre Setup).
  • -YemenTrack LLC. Security Solution
  • -YemenNet (Main ISP). Internet Caching/Control Solution.
Banking Sector:
  • -Central Bank Of Yemen. Different Hardware Selling.
  • -Arab Bank. Voice Recording Solution
  • -Tadhamon International Islamic Bank. (Security Solution & Video Conferencing)
  • -Yemen Commercial Bank.  (LAN/WAN Comm & Security Solution with BlueCoat system installation)
  • -International Bank of Yemen. (Security & WAN Acceleration Solution with VISA Connection support)
  • -Yemen Kuwait Bank.   (LAN/WAN Security Solution)
  • -Yemen Gulf Bank.  (LAN/'WAN Comm & Security)
  • -CACBank.  (Acceleration and LAN/WAN Comm & Security)
  • -United Bank Ltd. (LAN/WAN to Dubai with Security).
  • -Yemen-Bahrain (Al-Shamil) Bank. Cisco LAN Solution.
Private Sector:
  • - Saleh & Al-Aujan Company.
  • -United Insurance Co.
  • -Yemen Catering Company.
  • -Yemen Papers Manufacturing Company.
  • -YemenSoft.
  • -MTN –Yemen.
  • -Hits-Unitel (Y-GSM).
  • -SabaFon GSM Company.


International Organizations & Oil Companies:
  • -German Technical Cooperation (GTZ). LAN Cabling & Trusted HW Supplier.
  • -Amic Hawk International. Vehicle Tracking Solution.
  • -Yemen Liquefied Natural Gas (YLNG) Company. (Wireless, Security & Antivirus Solution).
  • -Total E & P Yemen. (LAN Cabling with Cisco & HP Hardware).
  • -OMV Yemen (Austrian Oil Company). LAN Cabling & First Cisco IP Telephony Solution done in Yemen.
  • -Oil Search Yemen. LAN/WAN & IP Telephony Solution.
  • -British Telecom Al-Saudia (VISA Connections for MEA).
  • -OXY Yemen. LAN Cabling Solution.
  • -Safer Exploration & Production Company. LAN Cabling and Security Solution.


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